WEEE implementation in Germany: The sale of electrical and electronic equipment in Germany is subject to strict requirements

Ansammlung von Elektrogeräten


Apply for registration, a WEEE number, and appoint an authorised representative


Stiftung ear is the authority in Germany responsible for ensuring compliance with the obligation to register under the ElektroG. All manufacturers and distributors of electrical and electronic appliances must be registered with stiftung ear and have an appropriate WEEE number.

If you fail to comply with your registration obligations, you run the risk of receiving a warning letter under antitrust laws or being penalised by the law enforcement authorities (up to €50,000). Don’t let it come to that – we’ll take care of it!
Deutsche Recycling Service GmbH is the partner at your side when it comes to selling electrical appliances in Germany that are lawful and environmentally friendly.


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As a return system and licensed guarantee system we take care of your registration and dealings with the foundation.




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