Return and licensing of transport packaging in Germany in compliance with Germany’s packaging ordinance

Sammlung von Transportpackungen


Taking back transport packaging in accordance with the VerpackV regulation


What’s the best option for you?

The VerpackV regulation stipulates that manufacturers or distributors must take back and recycle transport packaging and thus comply with their product stewardship. The usual practice, however, is that resellers who receive supplies assume this task and impose an invoice reduction in return. This is not in keeping with the regulation and is usually an expensive option. Deutsche Recycling offers you financially attractive solutions that comply with the regulation and are customised to your particular business.

Return your transport packaging from anywhere in Germany.

Under the terms of the VerpackV regulation we can take action on your behalf and ensure your transport packaging is returned from anywhere in Germany. In doing so we rely on a tried and trusted disposal network. Our services specifically involve analysing the need for you to develop an individually optimised approach and we take on the operational execution including billing as well as the legally required documentation. We are happy to provide you with further details.

Your obligations:


We are happy to take on your operational commitments worldwide. Which means you save time and money.

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