Return and licensing of sales packaging in Germany in compliance with Germany’s packaging ordinance (VerpackV)

Sammlung von Verkaufspackungen


Sales packaging licensing in accordance with the VerpackV regulation


If you place packaging in the market as a manufacturer, retailer or even as an online store in Germany, you are obliged in accordance with the packaging regulations to take back the packaging and recycle it. Packaging is regarded as among other things whatever the merchandise itself is not – for example, product packaging (blister packs, boxes, bags, cans, etc.), shipping cartons, packing and padding material, adhesive tape, etc.


How you benefit

In order to meet your obligations in regard to the return or licensing of sales packaging in legal and financial terms, we offer you solutions individually tailored to your business. You have virtually nothing to worry about as you benefit from our expertise and keep staff expenses and costs under control.

All from one source…

We take responsibility for implementing all your operations. It means we conduct a needs assessment, choose the appropriate return system (e.g. a dual system), take care of communications and reporting as well as billing and legally required documentation. We are happy to provide you with full details of what we can do for you.

Your obligations:


We are happy to take on your operational commitments worldwide. Which means you save time and money.

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