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Deutsche Recycling is a service company, which is well versed in the important procedures under the ElektroG law, packaging and battery regulations. We provide our support in advising on these issues in and for Germany but also especially internationally / worldwide. As a full service company we take on among other tasks the painstaking work involved in licensing, reporting quantities and the important appointment of authorised representatives (WEEE).

Our expertise in terms of the correct sale of domestic and cross-border electronic goods, any packaging and even batteries is certainly unique in its comprehensiveness. The extensive but unfortunately decentralised implementation of laws to ensure the lawful disposal of electrical goods, packaging and batteries allow the layman hardly an opportunity to deal with them himself. For example, waste electrical and electronic equipment, whose disposal in Germany is monitored by the EAR foundation, is subject to another 27 laws in the EU alone. Specifically with electrical and electronic equipment, the current requirements, such as the appointment of an authorised representative in the country supplied, are important services, which Deutsche Recycling with its many years of expertise provides for its clients.

The work incurred by the many laws in relation to licensing, reporting and constant updating of legislation require in international business especially a great deal of expertise, legal monitoring and knowledge of the options that the various laws allow for.

As a provider independent of any group, system, disposal firm and industry, we offer you our full service (advice, analysis, operational implementation) internationally from a single source. You can concentrate on marketing your products as we look for ways and solutions so you do your best in terms of exporting your goods – and do so with maximum cost effectiveness. Plus, you won’t have to tie up your human resources in a difficult special issue that requires full commitment.

We are happy to advise you individually and show you the options for worthwhile collaboration between us.  +49 221 80033210.

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